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Some like to fuck nice and tame, others like to fuck hardcore, personally, I like to go one step further and take it to the extreme. If you too are into extreme fucking, then you have come to the right place. The objective of ExtremePornSites.com is to index great extreme websites. No mediocre stuff allowed here. I spend a lot of time searching for good quality sites and when I find one that really kicks as I add it to the list. So, thanks for visiting, and don't forget to check in once in a while. Cheers.

Prolapse Party
You asked for extreme, and we listened. Prolapse Party is one of the most extreme sites out there at the moment.

Extreme Sex Reel
This is kind of like an extreme VOD theater. There are terabytes of HD videos to choose from and loads of extreme DVDs which you can watch online. I like that you can browse by scene. The video below features some hardcore bottle insertion. She takes it right up her ass!

Brutal Fisting
If you're into fisting then I suggest you check out Brutal Fisting. They have some really extreme fisting content. You get to see lots of very hot women taking fists in both holes.

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